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    How to Choose An E-Liquid: A Beginners Guide(Choose an E-Liquid) 

    Choose an E-Liquid blog page we discuss comprehensively the details choose an E-Liquid.

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    1. Why VG Is Better Than PG
    2. The VG to PG Ratio for various types of e-liquid
    3. Does E-Liquid Expire High VG E-Liquid High PG E-Liquid?
    4. What nicotine strength is ideal?
    5. Choosing E-Liquid Flavors
    6. How to Match Your Vape Kit’s E-Liquid
    7. How to Pick an E-Liquid: The Final Word
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    Choose an E Liquid

    One of the most crucial phases in your own vaping adventure is choosing the correct e-liquid. After all, vaping as we know it now wouldn’t be possible without e-juice. Even though prefilled pods and disposables have made some customers’ jobs a little easier, many people still believe that the journey, rather than the final destination, is what makes vaping so satisfying. To put it another way, vaping is more enjoyable when you fully understand all the components and feel like you’ve chosen the best way to enjoy your vape.

    This blog is here to assist you with choosing an e-liquid that is ideal for your requirements and preferences, which is a crucial part of the whole vaping experience. This article is meant to assist novice vapers and beginners in locating a vape juice that fits them rather than to serve as a comprehensive and in-depth introduction to e-liquids in general.

    To that aim, this blog will discuss some of the important aspects of selecting an e-liquid, mostly by outlining the VG/PG ratio, discussing recommended nicotine strengths, and providing tips on how to approach e-liquid flavouring. (Choose an E-Liquid)

    The VG PG Ratio Explained

    Most vape users are aware of the phrase “VG PG ratio,” but if you’re just getting started, it may sometimes be a little confusing. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to keep track of the VG/PG ratio.

    We go into more detail on e-liquid ingredients in our complete blog post, What is an E-Liquid?, but we’ll provide a brief summary here. Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are abbreviated as VG and PG, respectively. Along with nicotine and flavoring, these two safe, flavorless, odourless carrier liquids are used as the principal components of vape juice.

    VG is thicker and heavier than PG, on the other hand. As a consequence, vaping is less intense and lighter, and less dense vapour is produced. High-PG e-liquid is excellent for providing a gratifying, full-bodied throat hit; what it lacks in cloud production, it makes up for in throat sensation.

    This indicates that high-PG e-liquid has historically been the preferred vape juice for novice vapers. You probably want something that feels like a cigarette if you’ve just switched from smoking to vaping. You may receive more of that wonderful throat hit while avoiding getting overpowered by huge clouds by choosing a high-PG e-liquid.

    In summary:

    • VG stands for vegetable glycerin.
    • Propylene Glycol (PG)
    • These are the two primary components of e-liquid, in addition to nicotine and flavoring.
    • High VG e-liquid is thicker, more powerful, and produces larger clouds, making it a better option for expert vapers.
    • High PG e-liquid is better for those who are still used to smoking since it is lighter, produces fewer clouds, but still provides a nice, full-bodied throat hit.

    The appearance of the VG/PG ratio in various e-liquid varieties is the last component of the ratio that we’ll look at.

    The VG PG Ratio for Different E Liquid Types

    As we’ve already indicated, the best place to start for individuals new to vaping is with e-liquids that have a low VG to PG ratio. In light of this, we believe it’s important to provide new vapers with a rough sense of which e-liquids fit into the high VG or high PG categories. (Choose an E-Liquid)

    High VG E-Liquid

    For the reasons we’ve described above, high VG e-liquid is often not recommended for new vapers. Shortfill e-liquid is the only kind of vape juice that falls under the high-VG umbrella. This kind of vape juice is intended exclusively for advanced vape kits and advanced users, and it provides a powerful, cloud-filled experience.

    Theoretically, anything with a VG: PG ratio more than 50:50 would be considered high-VG, however, the following ratios are some of the most popular ones we typically sell:

    ● 70:30 VG: PG
    ● 78:22 VG: PG
    ● 80:20 VG: PG

    Since we don’t advise beginning vapers to start with high-VG e-juice, we’ve mainly provided this information for reference or content. Check out our blog post on switching from MTL to DTL vaping if you’re curious about how to go from high-PG to high-VG. (Choose an E-Liquid)

    High PG E-Liquid

    There are more alternatives available when it comes to high-PG e-liquid. There are three important categories to pay attention to in particular:

    How to Choose An E Liquid 2

    Starter Liquid: As its name implies, this is an excellent option for individuals who are just beginning to vape. Starter liquid is just another name for high-PG e-liquid, with a typical VG: PG ratio of 70:30.

    50/50 E-Liquid: Once again, the name gives it away; this e-liquid has an aVG to PG ratio of 50:50, providing a balanced experience for novice to experienced vapers.

    Nic Salts: All other varieties of e-liquids utilize synthetic nicotine, however, nic salts are different. Nic salts give a more rapid, obvious nicotine rush, similar to cigarettes since they are created using nicotine salts that are naturally formed from tobacco leaf. Nic salts are often offered as 50:50, with little variation in the VG: PG ratio.

    Technically, the beginning liquid category may be thought of as including all three of these subcategories. This means that when you’re just starting out and switching to vaping, all three are fantastic options!

    All of them produce moderate to little vapour, have reasonably smooth throat hits, and have well-balanced, subdued flavor profiles. The sort of e-liquid that suits you the most will depend on the attributes you value the most.

    The highest-PG variant and a great beginner choice is 70/30 e-liquid.
    A balanced choice, somewhat less smooth than 70/30 but with more flavor and vapour, is 50/50 e-liquid.
    Similar to 50:50, but with a little stronger throat impact, are nic salts. It’s beneficial for providing a greater, quicker nicotine rush.

    Does E-Liquid Expire?

    While we’re talking about e-liquid qualities, one more common question from newcomers is “Does e-liquid expire?” The response is true in principle, but not in actuality. When the seal on a bottle of e-liquid is broken and the bottle is opened, the shelf life is around a year. Therefore, even though it would ultimately expire, you would normally drink your bottle long before that became a problem. (Choose an E-Liquid)

    Now that you understand the VG to PG ratio, let’s look at how to pick an e-liquid based on the level of nicotine.

    What is the Right Nicotine Strength?

    Nicotine concentration is a crucial consideration when deciding on an e-liquid. Since vaping as a whole is intended to enable users to progressively taper off as their nicotine dependency lowers, it’s a good thing that most e-liquid targeted at novice to intermediate vapers comes in predetermined nicotine strength selections.

    The following are some of the most prevalent nicotine-strength options:

    ● 3 mg
    ● 6 mg
    ● 10 mg
    ● 12 mg
    ● 18 mg
    ● 20 mg

    We often utilize a user’s smoking behaviour to determine the appropriate nicotine strength for that person. What nicotine dosage you should start with will depend on how often you smoke (or used to smoke!). With our nicotine strength calculator, we went into greater detail, but we’ll review the essential numbers here.

    • 10 clouds of smoke a day, strong nicotine content (18mg), heavy smoker
    • 10 clouds of smoke per day with a modest nicotine content of 10 mg
    • One or two smokes each day with a low nicotine content of 6 mg.
    • Social/occasional smoker: two cigarettes per week, extremely low nicotine: three milligrams

    These numbers are, of course, just a general guideline and not a “one size fits all” answer. They’ll give you a decent enough understanding, however, to help you start the switch from smoking to vaping. Additionally, you don’t have to stay firmly to any one strength; if you have two e-liquids with identical VG/PG ratios, you may mix and match strengths to find an intermediate level that’s ideal for you.

    The last thing to think about right now is also the most delicious: e-liquid flavors!

    How to Choose E-Liquid Flavours

    You probably won’t be shocked to learn that selecting the right e-liquid flavors is just a question of taste.

    Most people who start vaping are smokers (hopefully soon-to-be ex-smokers!) It suggests that, in order to make the transition easier, you may choose to start with a traditional tobacco flavor. Others may like to avoid tobacco and lean more toward menthol characteristics in order to feel more refreshed. Similar to this, we’ve seen an increase in the number of new vapers who start off with fruity or sweet flavors—which some may feel helps them break the habit of associating certain flavors with smoking.

    Why not browse through all of the flavors we offer for e-liquids? There is no right or incorrect response; it all depends on where your fancy takes you. One of the benefits of vaping over smoking is the far broader variety of flavors available. (Choose an E-Liquid)

    Finally, we’ll discuss a subject related to selecting an e-liquid: selecting the appropriate e-liquid for your vape kit.

    How to Choose E-Liquid to Match Your Vape Kit

    Most often, those who are new to vaping will first buy a new vape kit before looking for an e-liquid that works with it. This makes sense since a vape kit requires a larger financial commitment than a single bottle of e-liquid and should serve as a dependable companion for many years. (Choose an E Liquid)

    Happily, beginner e-liquid and starter vape kits have a lot of general cross-compatibility. The kit’s vape coil is one element that affects e-liquid compatibility. We won’t go into great detail about that right now, before higher-PG e-liquid, prices of 1 or more are ideal. The three major categories of beginner-friendly vape kits are shown below, along with the appropriate e-liquids.

    Pen-style vape kits: Although technically simply a subset of starter kits, pen-style kits feature a comforting pen-style shape that is particularly helpful for novice users used to the feel and appearance of cigarettes. Pen-style starter kits are perfect for use with 70/30 beginning fluids since they often have resistances in the 1.5 range.

    Pod vape kits are one of the market’s most adaptable subcategories of vape kits. They often include numerous coils so that users may experiment with various vaping techniques and liquids. They may thus be used with any beginning e-liquid, although we often advise adding nic salts for a very gratifying vape effect.

    As you’ve probably observed, providing you remain in the starting category, there is a lot of flexibility in which e-liquid fits with certain kits. You should always be able to have a smooth and satisfying vaping experience as long as you follow the general guideline of 50PG or above with coils of 1 or higher.

    How to Choose an E-Liquid: Our Verdict

    After going through the key components of selecting an e-liquid, you ought to feel relatively confident making your first selections when you go from smoking to vaping.

    Just bear in mind to lean toward high-PG e-liquid for a more seamless transition, pay attention to the appropriate nicotine level to match your previous smoking habit, and when it comes to flavors, why not go with whatever tickles your fancy? (Choose an E Liquid)

    We take great satisfaction in providing a broad selection of beginning drinks to satisfy every palette. Smooth 70/30 e-liquid from our very own Cigara Originals line was created with novice vapers in mind. If a stronger 50/50 e-liquid mix piques your attention, check out the offerings from Dinner Lady and Vampire Vape, two of our most well-liked and well-regarded brands.

    How to Choose An E Liquid 1

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    Our goal at vepingtastes.com is to eradicate smoking from the UK. We aspire to provide some of the top vaping blogs on the internet because we think that vaping is one of the best options for anyone looking to stop smoking permanently. By providing quality product education, we can make sure that everyone has the chance to have the best vaping experience. (Choose an E Liquid)

    You may contact us personally if you have any inquiries in addition to the knowledge you can discover in our authoritative vape blog material. If you’d rather talk to someone in person, stop by your local myCigara vape shop. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to guide you through the first stages of your own personal vaping adventure.


    What is an e-liquid?

    An e-liquid, also known as vape juice or e-juice, is a liquid solution that is used in electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) or vaporizers. It is heated to produce vapor, which is then inhaled by the user.

    What are the main ingredients in e-liquids?

    E-liquids typically consist of four main ingredients: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavorings, and nicotine (optional). PG and VG are used as base liquids, flavorings provide taste and aroma, and nicotine is added for those who desire it.

    What is the purpose of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) in e-liquids?

    PG and VG are used as carriers or base liquids in e-liquids. They create the vapor when heated, provide a throat hit, and help deliver the flavors. PG tends to provide a stronger throat hit while VG produces thicker vapor clouds.

    Are e-liquids safe to use?

    When used as intended and purchased from reputable sources, e-liquids are generally considered safe for use. However, it’s important to handle them with care, follow instructions, and keep them out of reach of children and pets. It’s also advisable to consult with your healthcare professional if you have any specific health concerns.

    C O N C L U S I O N

    Choosing an e-liquid is a personal decision that depends on your preferences and needs. When selecting an e-liquid, consider factors such as flavor, nicotine content (if desired), the ratio of PG to VG, and the reputation of the manufacturer. Experimenting with different flavors and brands can help you find the e-liquid that best suits your taste. Remember to handle e-liquids with care, store them properly, and follow safety guidelines. If you have any specific health concerns or questions, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional. Enjoy exploring the wide variety of e-liquid options available and find the one that enhances your vaping experience.